Reuse: a second life for your discarded appliances

The technological development is enormous. Every day there is a new device that makes the previous one obsolete. And we all want to have the latest new device. But what do you do with your old device that is no longer brand new, but still functions?

Offer your discarded appliances to us for reuse (in English: refurbishing ). This way you give it a second life and you can make someone else happy with it thanks to our collaboration with the CAW . Moreover, you also contribute to a better environment. Because every refurbished device means less recycling and a smaller mountain of waste, circular economy at its best!

Is there still data on your device? We work with professional equipment and recognized software to destroy that data . This way you can be sure that no data can be found on your device.

Interested? You do not need to make an appointment to offer your device for reuse. Feel free to come by. We welcome you with open arms and a cup of coffee.

Hergebruik: verantwoord ondernemen

Oude toestellen die geen nut meer hebben voor jou, kunnen dat wel nog hebben voor anderen. Omdat we ons inzetten om verantwoord te ondernemen, doneren we herbruikbare laptops aan het CAW. Zo dragen we niet alleen ons steentje bij aan een beter milieu, maar kunnen we ook kwetsbare personen in onze samenleving helpen.

Interesse in hergebruik? Kom gerust langs tijdens de openingsuren van GRSE. Je hoeft geen afspraak te maken om je toestel aan te bieden.

How does it work?


Bring in your devices

As a private individual, you can bring in your devices without an appointment during our opening hours. Companies can call on our collection service or container service.



We thoroughly check your devices. We draw up a list of everything that is eligible for reuse.


Certificate and fee

You will receive a certificate of destruction as conclusive proof that all data has been destroyed correctly. In many cases you will also receive a reimbursement for your device.

Still got questions?

Wat gebeurt er met data op de toestellen?

De data wordt door ons professioneel softwarematig vernietigd zodat het toestel zelf nog volledig intact blijft. Zo ben jij zeker dat alle persoonlijke data van je toestel verwijderd is, vooraleer het een tweede leven krijgt.

Give your electronic device a second life?

No appointment necessary. Feel free to drop by during GRSE's opening hours.

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