How does it work?

Curious about how you can have us recycle your old electrical appliances and metals? See how a collaboration works in practice.


Bring in your appliances and/or metals

As a private individual, you can bring in your electronic devices and metals without an appointment during our opening hours.


Sort & weigh

Your waste is sorted and weighed. In the meantime you can quietly drink a coffee. You get an overview of all sorted materials and their value.



Are there devices that can possibly be prepared for reuse? Then this will be discussed with you. If you agree, all data on your devices will be destroyed.


Fee on the spot

You will receive a compensation proposal. If you agree, in most cases you will be paid immediately on the spot. You will receive a detailed purchase invoice.

Je oude metalen / elektrische toestellen laten recycleren?

Kom gerust langs zonder afspraak.

Colimetals / GRSE
Colimetals / GRSE
Answers within a couple of hours
Colimetals / GRSE

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