Recycle metals

You get rid of your old metal stuff, contribute to a better environment and in many cases receive a nice compensation for it.

Have your old metals recycled

Maybe you still have iron, copper, lead, zinc, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, old batteries, .. laying around? Whether it concerns large steel construction, reinforcing steel, machines, bicycles, plumbing, zinc gutters, electrical cabling or your old bathtub. You can contact us for all those metals.

We cut the metal scrap into smaller pieces, remove contamination and sort it. It can then be used for a whole host of new metal products and components. In this way we save a lot of CO2 compared to the use of new raw materials.

Regardless of the weight or type of metal, we are happy to recycle it. We are happy to take over from you both ferrous metals and metals that do not contain iron (e.g. copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, etc.).

You do not need an appointment for this. Feel free to jump in.

  • Contribute to a better environment (less CO2 and less use of new raw materials)
  • In most cases you will immediately receive a refund including a purchase invoice
  • We are Weelabex certified and a member of OVAM. We therefore recycle and process your metals according to strict European standards
  • As part of the Wilmet Group, we have more than 50 years of experience in the recycling sector.

Metalen recycleren: een win-winsituatie

Het laten recycleren van je oude metalen is een echte win-winsituatie. Jij bent van je oude metalen spullen af, draagt je steentje bij aan een beter milieu én krijgt er in veel gevallen een mooie vergoeding voor.

Kom vandaag nog langs om je metalen te laten recycleren. Je hoeft daarvoor geen afspraak te maken.

Oneinding recycleerbaar

Alle metalen zijn oneindig recycleerbaar. Het recycleren ervan heeft dan ook enorme voordelen. Zo wordt de uitputting van eindige grondstoffen tegengegaan en wordt er minder energie verbruikt om nieuw metaal te produceren (en dus ook, minder CO2 uitstoot). Het kost bijvoorbeeld tot 95 procent minder energie om aluminium te recycleren dan om primair aluminium te produceren.

Draag zelf ook bij aan een beter milieu. Kom vandaag nog langs om je metalen te laten recycleren. Je hoeft daarvoor geen afspraak te maken.

How does it work?


Bring in your metals

As a private individual, you can bring in your metals without an appointment during our opening hours. Companies can call on our collection service or container service.


Sort and weigh

Your metals are sorted and weighed. You will receive a list of all sorted metals and their value.


Purchase and reimbursement

You will receive a compensation proposal based on this. If you agree, in most cases you will be paid immediately on the spot and you will receive a purchase invoice.

Je oude metalen / elektrische toestellen laten recycleren?

Kom gerust langs zonder afspraak.

Colimetals / GRSE
Colimetals / GRSE
Answers within a couple of hours
Colimetals / GRSE

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